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If you or someone you know is suffering from vaginal mesh complications (eroded mesh, infection), you may have a case.

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Vaginal Mesh Lawsuit

The goal of is two-fold. First, we want to educate our visitors about the vaginal mesh controversy by doing our best to explain what problems women are experiencing with the product, what options are available to fix those problems and, what women can do to recover damages caused by vaginal mesh. Briefly, our site includes information on the following topics:

Information on a website can only take you so far. Every person's situation is unique. For that reason, has hired a highly experienced staff to answer any questions you may have about vaginal mesh, its complications and you legal rights. Contact us today!

Faulty Products and Vaginal Mesh Litigation

For women who have gone through menopause, a hysterectomy or childbirth, organ prolapse is a common yet little talked about medical problem. When it happens, the bladder, rectum, upper vagina or uterus falls into the vaginal area and a surgical fix using vaginal mesh is typically offered as a first line of treatment.

The hammock-looking devices were supposed to hold up the sagging organs and fix the problems. Instead, what many have found is the device, which is made of flexible plastic, perforated nearby organs and caused infection. It never really fixed the POP or SUI problems. Many women require multiple surgeries to remove minute pieces of mesh that become imbedded in nearby tissue.

So far, nearly 600 cases in the four MDLs have been consolidated in the U.S. District Court in West Virginia. The first test trials, called bellwether trials, in the cases against Bard are scheduled to begin in early 2013. From these trials, attorneys will be able to determine future trends in this litigation.

Vaginal Mesh Lawsuit: Have your claim evaluated

In the coming months more women injured by the various vaginal mesh makes and models are expected to come forward. The judge overseeing the MDLs will also set bellwether trials for the cases involving the other manufacturers. Women who are considering filing a court claim to seek financial compensation for their injuries should consider all their options.

Our skilled vaginal mesh attorneys will evaluate your case without any financial obligation. This free evaluation will determine if you can seek money to pay for your medical expenses and compensation for your time off work and pain and suffering. While some women may feel as though this is a personal issue that will be hard to discuss, it is important to remember that our attorneys will handle your case with the utmost care and confidentiality. The key information we garner from our confidential discussions will bolster your claim in court and provide the best possible financial outcome.